Sun N’ Fun 2014

What an amazing event, for the 8th time. But this year was different.
We flew in. First time in my life I flew in as a PIC into Sun n’ fun.
So, we woke up at 4:30am, left the house by 5 and we were taking off by 5:30. I haven’t been flying for 9 months – unbelievable how fast time flies – so everything took a little longer. Checklist, runup, taxi…
The sunrise was spectacular and although it was behind us, I kept looking back at the orange clouds. Flew with flight following and everything was smooth until we were getting ready to proceed with the Sun n’ Fun NOTAM procedures. Conditions were IFR, and I still do not have my IFR rating so Balazs made the call to be able to land. Since he was communicating and navigating I did not pay attention and I missed my instructions from the controller so we had to turn back and fly the route he gave us, this time successfully. As we were approaching the runway was covered with fog, only through a skinny strip of clear air I could see part of the runway. As we got closer everything got visible and landed the aircraft smooth as never before. I was so proud of myself.

As we arrived we could see the Balloons taking off. It was beautiful.

IMG_0139     SunNFun2014

SunNFun2014     IMG_0150

Then our adventures continued. I had a volunteer shift scheduled at the International Tent from 9-1pm but when we arrived at the gate they couldn’t find our credentials, and after about 30min my supervisor Ann showed up and got cleared everything. We worked a few hours but honestly it is not work just some socializing with pilots from all over the World while we had to make sure they sign in so they can keep track on the International visitors.  It is a lots of fun. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to meet up this year with Karl, the old German guy I befriended last year.

After we were released from our duties we went and walked the hangers and the show. We listened at the AOPA tent to a funny flight instructor’s stories and Balazs got us up in to a VIP tower to watch the airshow. Than we walked a little bit more ordered some bad food, took it back than found amazing Greek salad and Turley leg for Balazs,filled our bellys, than watched the Blue Angels for the first time in my life!

IMG_0178     IMG_0175

IMG_0177     IMG_0174

We made it back to the FBO and the staff there had a big cook- out and celebration we took a shower got us two chairs and as the sun disappeared so started to fly above us all the lit up airplanes.

During dinner suddenly I found myself around the Blue Angels and got a picture with them!

Our plan was to leave the airport before it closed down at 10pm, but the night-show was still on by 10pm, so we could never fly out. And as our adventures started to get really exciting we found out that the FBP shots down at 10pm as well, so are all the hotel rooms booked out. But our luck was with us and although I wasn’t smart enough to pack the tent the receptionist from the FBO made a few phohe calls and found us a hotel room. This way we did not have to sleep under the sky. The shuttle took us back to Fairfield Inn.  Without clean cloths, toothpase and contact lenses solution we went to sleep. Next day we had breakfast headed out to the airport and now without any complications, we took off and flew home. It was cold. And this is how you stop the vent blowing cold air in your face in the N89540. A pilot must be resourceful!

Here is a Youtube Video of my Sun N’ Fun 2014 Departure.

Blue Skies…



Nice Little Flight With Balazs and a Cool Video of Landing

We have been working crazy in the last few months, I have not been flying or not have been around the airport. I miss it so very much. Yesterday Balazs wanted to take some arial pictures of his work, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day here at the Sunshine State. Beautiful clear skies, little chilly for us, but just beautiful.
We took the C172 because all the C152’s were out or down for maitenance.
FXE was extremly busy, LAHSO operation on 31 and 26 and we waited in line to take off at least 15min. He was PIC did a T&G at FXE than we went take some pictures of his project and did a T&G at PMP than we returned to FXE. I tool this video at final landing.


Blue Skies.


Booked the plane in the morning and decided to go out for a few TnGs.

At the preflight I drained the fuel and this is what I found in the tank:IMG_3899


Drained it well, than called ATIS, Clearance and Ground before I even started the engine.
I flew over to PMP did 3 TnG. The blimp was landing and taking off, a heli was hovering at the end of the runway (15) when I departed back home, but everything went very well.

IMG_3900   IMG_3897
Back home at FXE, I choose to land at RW8 even though there was a x-wind and finally using ailerons I landed my little 152 safely. I wished Balazs had seen it.

It was a very short flight and I was surprised all this practice fit into 0.7hrs.

Had fun. Blue skies…

One Year Anniversary Flight

One year ago I met this guy…

After my accident I did not fly for a year and a half. When I broke up with my ex boyfriend  I decided to go back flying. I had no directions, contacts, friends or ideas what and how to do it, I just new I want to fly again. I decided to go and retake at the American Flyers the Private Pilot 3 day course to refresh memories dust off knowledge.
And there he was…
On that weekend I met a pilot, who helped me to relearn to fly airplanes, pushed me through fear and gave me plenty of his time to instruct me. Introduced me to the plane rental company to get access to cheap planes and to the CFII who is currently teaching me IFR in the Seneca.

I flew 50 hrs in the last 1 year, almost half of it in a twin. He even gave me his copilot seat twice in a Kingair when he was not available.
Thank you for my friend Balazs for helping me to become a better person and pilot.
Thanks for teaching me, “beating me up”, pushing me hard and making me want him to be proud of his student even when I was flying with someone else.
This meant more to me than he can ever imagine.

I love flying, airplanes, aviation and I am grateful for my best pilot friend forever.

As Steve Jobs says “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you only can connect them looking backwards. But you have to trust in something…” And so it was, now looking back last year, I’d have probably never had the opportunity to learn how to fly a multi-engine airplane if I didn’t go to that course.

The flight was amazing, I did learn again something new and he was still busting my ass because of my hmmm…hmmm radio communication skills. He took over the controls and flew over the numbers at 1000 ft than pulled the power all back, flew a 360 and landed the airplane on the numbers. That was incredible.

Living a dream in Paradise. Blue skies…

4 new pilot friends and a flight to Venice, FL

Went to a 5k race on Thursday (July 4th)  and when I got home I didn’t feel making a coffee jumped on my brad new bike and pedaled over to Starbucks. While I was waiting for my grande Cappuccino, a guy came over to warn me that his bike was stolen from the exact same spot, and advised to keep an eye on mine. Than he saw my little airplane on my neck and he asked me if I was a pilot. I said yes,  than he invited me to his table he was sitting with 3 other pilots.

Isn’t the word so small? There was Larry and Scott – the AA pilot, both part of the Civil Air Patrol and knows Balazs well, than an other Scott who is also flies for AA and Rodney, the guy who actually invited me. We sat and chit-chatted for over 2 hours and I missed my meet-up with my girlfriend but it is always such a pleasure to airplane talk with other pilots!
I agreed that I will come and have coffee with them on Saturday again.
On Saturday I went and got a coffee and agreed to fly a little in the afternoon with Scott.

From Starbucks I went to Pompano. It was the monthly American Flyers Barbecue. My favorite presenter, Jason talked about thunderstorms and avoidance of them. Was great, Balazs was there and I quietly celebrated a 1 year anniversary of returning to flying. I retook the PP class a year ago and decided to go back and fly again, I have never had any idea my passion and love of flying will give me so many incredible opportunities and amazing adventures. That I will overcome fears and become so much better at something I truly love.

I asked Balazs too to come with me tomorrow to a little flight, it will be my big one year celebration flight. Yeah, I know a little silly, emotional and sentimental but it means so much to me.

After the meeting I went directly to the hangar. He took me with a Trinidad N341TB to Venice, FL.


He took off and as soon PMP gave us over to Miami he let me fly the plane. I loved it. At half way I took over most of the communications as well. The flight was a little bumpy, clouds were at about 5500ft, we stayed at 2000.

I taxied the plane we got out and went to this great restaurant. Their shuttle picked us up, and it was right on the water. I had salad and by the time we wanted to head back it was pouring.  So we sat around and waited out a little, than we went back to the airport. I helped refueling the airplane by the time we filled it up the rain stopped and we were ready to go.
The way back was just as turbulent as the way out but it doesn’t bother me. I hand flew this beauty back, around all the rain showers only turned on the auto pilot on for a few minutes while taking pictured of this double rainbow.

Scott set the standby radio on 121.5 and we picked up an ELT signal along the route. That was first time I heard anything like that, I did not even know where that was coming from. I hope everyone is safe, wherever that was coming from. We reported it to ATC, I do not know what happened after that.

What did I learn?
1. Landing checklist should always include turn on landing and taxi lights.
2. While switching transponder from VFR (1200) to flight following squawk code, set transponder to standby because radar at center will get all kinds of codes by the time I find my own code.


We got back at around 7pm and Scott had to run , I stayed a little bit around the airport than I went home, I reserved the C152 for tomorrow. I am so excited because it’s been a few months I flew with Balazs, I always learn so much from him. I just get so nervous when flying with him under the blue skies…

Tamas Joyflight

My cousin’s Husband came to visit us. He was working in Tampa and than he decided to come at his last weekend to visit. I rented the N89540 for Sunday morning. We woke up at 5 am but we were both so tired and it was so dark we went back to sleep and reset the alarm to 6 am. It was still hard to get out of the bed but better. We got ready quickly and I raced out to the airport. I was excited because I haven’t fly for over a week. Unfortunately I did forgot about a headset and did not remember until late night, so we only had one. I texted Szilveszter but I did not get an answer we decided we just gonna go and he will not fly without one.
Did the preflight checklist and first time today, I found water in the right tank. It was very cool that from out of so many flights it was only once I found water.
After all done we hopped in, clearance and ground was on ground frequency, listened to ATIS – we had perfect conditions; wind 080@6, visibility 10, sky conditions clear. Perfect. One call and already taxiing to runway 8. Runup, a quick hold short for a landing aircraft and we were at full power and already taking off. It was smooth and perfect. I just had an inner smile as I was feeling the lift, as the shadow of the airplane got smaller and that happiness what I feel every time I get to fly while in control, absolutely aware and being in that one moment and exactly knowing what to do in the next.

We headed out to the NW to the Everglades, I wanted to let him fly a little. After I did 2 steep turns I let him hold the aircraft at straight and level. He took some pictures of the swamp while I descended a little and we turned out to the North and looked for the racetracks. I just could not figure out how to switch the GPS back to VFR maps, and I gave up soon. I don’t need it. I had a plan and a map and it was fun to look for the landmark. I called Boca Tower and we turned East bound to go South at the shore back to FXE.

As soon as we reached the beach we descended to 500 feet and flew by the boats and people and houses. Always every time I do this I just get so amazed by the gorgeous colors of the water and the sand and the sky touching the water at the horizon.

At about 7:55 over the Boca Inlet I changed to PMP frequecy, but when I called I couldn’t get them. I called at least 5 times than before entering their airspace I took a left 360 and switched back to BCT to check my radio. Well, as it turned out there was absolutely nothing wrong with my radio, but PMP tower does not open until 8am. Daaa! I knew this well, but I completely forgot about it. Boca was kind enough to remind me so I entered airspace with uncontrolled airport procedures. By the time I was abeam the airport they were open and I called them right away and they switched me over to FXE.


At downwind I landed behind a Kingair. It was a perfectly smooth landing with great speed and the left wheel, right wheel front wheel touch down. Just makes me happy. He took a video of it hopefully one day I will be able to upload it here.

Taxied back to Q ramp tied down the airplane and started the day with blue skies…

Cessna 210

What a great flight! Met Paolo at the airport last week when -again- the door was stacked and I could not open it, he was driving by and kind to open for me. We did little pilot talk and he promised me that he will take me fir a flight in his Cessna 210. I was very excited and prepared to the flight. I read a little bit into a 210 POH to get familiar with the limitations. I got really excited when I saw that the engine is brand new. There was only 24 hrs in it. How exciting that is to fly with a brand new engine! As Paolo explained, he rebuilt the airplane and sold it to Brazil. Someone is flying to South America with her soon.



We met at 6pm at FXE did preflight inspection and took off of RW13 from A-intersection. We took off and it was just amazing. So fast and powerful. I like fast complex airplanes. We were heading out to the NW. As soon we were out of FXE airspace I got the controls. Was a little bumpy so we climbed to 4000ft, where was perfectly smooth and comfortable. Saw an airplane over the practice area, they were not communicating – of course but was far away. This was the only traffic we saw. We went out all the way to the Big Lake Okeechobee, than a 180 and back.



On the way back I practiced some S turns and soon we were back at final for RW13 straight in. The whole airplane is fast and responsive, and a Cessna. Very much. It is like the strong and independent mother of the C152 and I did enjoy the familiar characteristics of the airplane, what I knew from before.

I got to taxi the plane back to Q and locked her away. It was a really nice flight.

I learned that there is a manual handle (between the seats) for gear. If the hydraulic gear extension quits, you have got to pump this manual gear extension about 65 times and gear will make a safe landing. This was new, I never seen anything like this before.

Took some pictures, and after landing the sunset was perfect at the airport.FXE050813

An other perfect day in the air. Thank you Paolo. Blue skies…

Landing ending up with shaky airplane

Still on Silvester’s communication training, we were gonna go to Lantana to practice uncontrolled airport comm, unfortunately weather had different plans for us. When we were returning, I landed tha C152, smoothly and perfectly, but fast, and as soon all 3 gears were touching the ground, the airplane started to shake. Not just a shimmy front gear but a whole airplane shaking scary. I raised the flaps but it kept shaking. It went all the way until we slowed down completely. I could not even take my Q exit, had to taxi back. I did get scared a little bit. I was not panicking but it was just not something I ever experienced.
Silvester’s gopro recorded the landing.

Shaky Landing

Blue skies…

Sightseeing with Bambi

My running friend Bambi was in town and as good hostess, I had to show her around, not only in 2 but in 3 dimensions. We went to a race 50k on Saturday, and we did the touristy things. On Sunday I took her to Fort Lauderdale we had Gelato and Lunch and of course a flight. On Monday we went down to Miami beach and unfortunately she left on Tuesday. We had amazing girl-times. I introduced her to my pilot friends and we went our for beers with our running friends.

Sunday I went and flew with Silvester 1.3hrs and when we landed, I taxied to the FBO where Bambi was waiting for us. Silverster let us use his headset and he helped her in. I did show her the airplane and explained the basics of the flight. She was excited and nervous. The plan was to go north at the shore than N of Boca go out to the Everglades and come back south on the west. I changed the plans and in the future when I do joyflights, I will go out on a NW departure and do the Everglades first, for one simple reason. And I did not think about this.  When the passenger is in the right seat and we are heading north at the shore, she can’t take pictures. Anyway, back to the flight we took off of RW8 headed out to east and went north on the shore at 500ft. I asked Bambi if she wants to fly a little I made her touch the controls but she was hesitant and I did not want to push her.

On the way up through PMP airspace was weird that we had an airplane and a helicopter  flying by and PMP tower did report neither one of the traffic, but this was an easy flight plenty of time to do everything right, including for watching for traffic. At north of Boca I was debating to go out to the Everglades or not, but than I decided to just do come back on the shore to the south. There were clouds over the Everglades, and I did not want to scare Bambi with turbulent weather and I also wanted her to enjoy the beach.

We just flew back down south and landed back at FXE. It was a perfect landing, Bambi said it was better than airliners. Made me happy. We logged 0.7hrs, nice fliying.

042813Bambi.4     042813Bambi.3 

042813Bambi.1     042813Bambi.2

042813Bambi.7     042813Bambi.5

Blue skies…

2nd ILS with Balazs

Love flying with Balazs. He made me wear the hood, we took off the C152 from FXE. We were planning to use PMP’s ILS but it was broken. We did 2 landings and flew back to FXE Using RW8. I have to admit, I do have challenges. It does get very hard as we are getting closer to the runway and I am just totally amazed by this instrument. It is so sensitive and counter intuitive – until I guess I get used to it. It is cool. I like the challenge flying by instruments. How the senses are totally off  but by trusting the instruments, doing scans quickly and regularly makes me a much better VFR pilot. We logged an hour and I learned a ton. B is a fantastic teacher.

Blue skies…