Commercial Flight To Clearwater

Was on an Estimate for my work when Dennis called that there is a commercial flight to Clearwater in 30 min. I said yes, and I rushed home, changed to my pilot uniform grabbed my pilot bag and rushed out to the airport (FXE). The airplane was already running, just waiting for me. I hopped in and started to taxi, called ground and tool off from the closest runway (13). I did the takeoff but I am still nervous and it is so much involved with the engines and communication, Dennis was still handling at least 1/2 of the work. We just needed to go over to Boca Raton (BCT) to pick up our client. we were late but fortunately our client was late as well. We ended up waiting for her. That was good it gave me time of calm down and think things through. This was second time this week to fly the Seneca and third time to be in the air.
Made friends with a guy, Jeff who just finished restoring his Focke Wulf, he was test flying it. We exchanged tel numbers and I got a promised ride in that beautiful airplane.
By than our client arrived and we grabbed her stuff, loaded the airplane and soon we had the engines running.
Weird that we do not need a key, just push the ignition button add full mixture and the engine is running, one at the time. I am getting my routine in this. Taxi out and Dennis let me take off. Taking off with a passenger is adding some extra stress to the whole learning experience.

He was doing the communication and I was flying. I admit I have visual problems as far as the clouds go. I only see them in 2 dimensions not in three. Balazs said I will get used to it, what I really hope because right now for me there are no gaps, just one curtain like clouds with different shapes and colors.

We had to navigate around the clouds what was kinda fun and surprised us the distance from Tampa to Clearwater. The runway was short and it was a very nice little uncontrolled airport. While Dennis was landing I did the communication including the taxi-back on the runway since taxi-ways were under construction.

We dropped off our passenger, and soon we were back in the air. The flight home was uneventful.  I was flying under the hood trying to keep headings Dennis was giving to me. I shoot my first ILS approach and tried to land the Seneca – I have to admit, it was extremely hard and difficult but I enjoyed the challenge. Can’t wait for some more.

Blue skies…

Found a New Hungarian Pilot Friend

I went the other day to my accountant and run into an other Hungarian guy. He had a big pile of papers and I had to wait for my accountant and I was late. Than of course I got all my taxes done and forgot about the guy until I answered something on a Hungarian musician’s FB post. And suddenly this guy messaged me that doesn’t he know me from the accountant? As I saw his profile picture I saw an aviation headset on him so I asked him back if he is a pilot, and he messaged me that he is in Hungary, but he is not so much in the US since he had difficulties with communication. We messaged back and forth and I offered him to take him for a flight and I can help him with comm and we can share cost. Did not take long to rent the N89540 and go for a flight.
Zsofia and Szilvester

We departed FXE and went to PMP to do a few TnG. He did very nice landings but yes he does need practice with communication. After departing pmp we flew north at the shore up to Boca than we turned back south transisioned through PMP and landed back at FXE. We logged 1hr.
He seems like a great pilot, he does have a license for Helicopter as well, I hope I will have a chance to fly a Heli with him one day.
We agreed on a schedule to go twice a week flying for the next 6 weeks until he has to go back home. That will give me a lot of practice and hours, I am very excited about it.  Hoping to use the foggles and add some IFR hrs into my logbook, while he communicates.

This was a great afternoon, more to follow…

Blue skies

IFR training

Dennis my instructor texted me yesterday that there was a confirmed commercial flight today with the Seneca and to be at the airport by 2pm. He also said I have to get a real pilot shirt and black pants, to look professional. So, I went yesterday to Banyan Pilot Shop and picked up the smallest shirt – and it is still big on me – ironed it today and put it on, felt like a real pilot.
In Uniform in the Piper Seneca
I went to the airport at I and asked my friend to help me walk the aircraft. He showed me how to check the oil, where to sump the fuel, and what to look for. Than we went for a quick lunch and I was back at the plane at 2pm.

When the Dennis showed up I was already climbing in the N55223 and started my checklist. I only flew this plane once before and it is a complex airplane with two engines there are a lot of things to pay attention. He shared with me that we will fly to Lantana (Palm Beach County Park Airport) KLNA, pick up our customer than fly him to Naples and back home to KFXE. He filled the AC with ice and we were already moving.

I taxied to run-up area and there were some problems with the right engine left mags but we decided to take the flight anyway. I took off of RW13 and headed out NW. As soon I was at 1500ft I put on my foggles and flew to Lantana, landed the airplane. I did feel strongly that I have not flown this aircraft for a long time but practice was great. Taxied to the FBO and waited to the customer. By the time we took off from here, all of our (portable) AC ice was melted.

I flew the next leg from the right seat. The big mistake I made was that I closed the door but never locked it. As soon as we took off Dennis realized so we had to turn back and land taxi back and take off again. Now I know. You must close and lock the door. The good part was that I did the communication for both take offs and called for flight following. I am less nervous to talk in the radio and more confident about what to say and respond. This is good. He even said at one point today – can’t remember when – that I did well.
This flight was weird because I almost never sit at the right seat. My airplane kept migrating to the right and I constantly had to keep an eye of the clouds and an other one on the attitude coordinator. At this leg Dennis landed and we helped our passenger out of the airplane.
We taxied to the self-serve gas station and I had my first time airplane gas top off. It was kinda fun. Feels good to know that the tanks are full. For sure.

At the next leg from KAPF (Naples) to KFXE we had little bit of weather. For a little while we had to navigate around the clouds and we climbed up to 12,000ft. I again put on my foggles and had to navigate with my attitude coordinator, altimeter, airspeed indicator and vertical speed indicator. I really don’t know what happened to the clouds at this point. Than he set up the ILS and I had to fly it. I felt like my first time in an airplane. Haha. :) It was really hard to follow the needles because it was so counter intuitive, however I truly enjoyed this brilliant equipment. At short final I was finally allowed to take off the foggles, did a pretty bad landing and taxied back to the tie-down area.

What did I learn today?
1. Doors must be locked.
2. New instrument I was introduced today is the ILS or INSTRUMENT LANDING SYSTEM. It is a precision approach navigational aid which provides highly accurate course, glide slope, and distance to runway. Put the ILS frequency on your radio and follow it until landing. It is the safest approach.
3. Should fly more…

Blue skies…


Sun N’ Fun 2013

And it is that time of the year again… Sun N’ Fun for the 6th time.

This year was a little difficult decision to go or not to go for two reasons. One, that I had a big running race scheduled for the same weekend, but I decided earlier this week that due to my foot injury I will just cancel. The other one was that this was the first year to go alone. In the past I went with my ex-boyfriend who is no longer in my life but I really wasn’t sure how much I will miss his aviation enthusiastic personality. I deep inside was not even sure if I just liked this shows because of him or because I liked them as well. But I am super happy that I went, because I discovered that my love for airplanes, flying and aviation has absolutely nothing to do with him. Sometimes emotions are scary until we found out that there is nothing behind those feelings. This is the emotional part of my one day trip and now here are the details and my wonderful experience this year.

I signed up for a volunteer shift long time ago, and I had to be in the International Tent  at 9am. I woke up at 3:30am, packed some food and throw my flight bag in the car and I was off by 4am. It’s a long and boring drive. I did regret many times on my way there that I did not follow my pilot friend and mentor’s advise to read the NOTEM and fly in.
When I arrived I got a very close parking spot – it was early and I reported at the will call, where they could not find my credentials, so they just let me in anyway.
As soon as I arrived to the International tent and I introduced myself, I run into a older Gentleman speaking with a heavy German accent. We instantly made friends since I spent some time in Germany and I spoke his language. Karl was extremely nice, and I discovered that he actually owns a Katana (DA20) in Germany and its call sign was N841DF. Just a little history here, my trainer I solo’d and later I traveled to the Bahamas and Panama city and had many many fantastic experience and even more landings and finally forced landed was N840DF. What a coincident!
This is Karl and me:
With Karl at Sun N Fun

I worked a few hours than Karl took me out for lunch. After lunch he offered me to give me a tour. I really wanted to go and talked to the BOSE guys since my headset was falling apart and I need a new replacement part. When I talked to them on the phone they said it would cost around $250 to have it fixed and  would take 2 weeks but I kept putting that off, because I found it expensive and too long. But what I did not know that at Sun N Fun they fix headsets right there and for free. When the Lady told me I can come back and pick it up in 2 hrs and won’t cost anything I had to go and hug her. I will NEVER buy any other headset but BOSE. They made me a customer for life. When I went to pick up not just they replaced the cord but put brand new cushions on it. Now I have a brand spanking new headset. Sooo Happy.

Karl then drove me around at the flight line  Must say that visiting the parking airplanes are much more pleasant from a golf cart than walking around all day.
Texan 6

Highlight of the day? Here it is:
A hot pink Velocity. Very beautiful craftsmanship and this is an airplane people will recognize any time. It’s really girly considering that a man owns it.

After lunch and the tour we returned to the International Tent and I continued working. I enjoyed welcoming pilots all over the world and making them sign in and register.

Flying girls came by and take some pictures with this pretty Lady, I loved the uniform.
Loved her Uniform

Later I grabbed one of the other volunteer guy, Roberto and we walked around the hangars. No big changes, nothing much new, except an interesting electrical machine it prevents corrosion. I learnt some physics from the salesman, interesting, although they won’t give any guarantee for their $1200 (show price $800)  equipment.

I got myself a pretty black shirt with a compass rose on it, and for me and my pilot friend Balazs one of those collectible Metal Works a Cessna172. I already have a P51 and a Pitts, this is a nice addition.

After hanger walks we returned to the International Tent and worked an other hour maybe when Karl came with his golf cart, picked me up and took me back to his camp site. I had two beers and made friends with many pilots. They invited to stay through the night but I promised Charlie that I will stop by at his house on the way home so I had to leave. They made me promise that next year I will stay with them for at least a evening, what I defiantly will do. They seemed a bunch of fun pilots, a nice new group to join.
This was a short but awesome Sun N Fun visit this year.  Learnt new things and made new friends. Had a blast.

Blue Skies…
Airshow Sun N Fun

Update on my nightflight currency

It’s been over 3 months I had night time landings So I decided to go out and do a few TnG on Friday 4/12. The airport was calm, there was not much traffic – and that was unusual.
I did the preflight still in daylight, by the time I did the runup it was almost dark, was a perfect timing.
Tower advised to follow right traffic pattern after departing RW8.
The first landing was smooth and pleasant.
In the second pattern ATC made me extend my downwind also had to make a left 360 to avoid incoming traffic.  The landing one was a little harder. I was not happy with it, and I took off again. The winds must have changed because I at the next pattern I ended up still very high, so I just did a go around. It was planned out and I have not done “go around” for a good while I was great practice. For the last pattern ATC changed me to follow left traffic, and this landing was nice and smooth. After slowing down I realized neither my taxi nor my landing light is not working. I communicated with ATC they tried to help with their big light but that just made it worse so I used my little flashlight and that worked just fine.
Taxied back N89540 to tiedown and when I got out I checked the lights, seemed unrealistic that both lights go out at the same light, and of course when I went to check the fuse that was out. This was a mistake, what I should have thought about, but I learned now.

Communication was fluent. I do not remember missing a call or “mmmmm”-ing. But it is easy to handle the radios when only 2 aircrafts are flying into the airport.
Overall happy with this flight, current again on nightflights. 0.6hrs

Took 2 pictures, it was such a perfect clear warm night. Unlike my pictures :)

Here is the landing traffic at 12 o’clock:
FXE w/ N89540

Migrating Shark Watch

Balazs, my Hungarian Pilot Friend called if I want to go and take a look at the sharks migrating to the north. Of course I wanted to go. It took a while till we found them. They were at the Hillsboro Inlet and Boca. We just kept circling at 250ft. Unfortunately none of us had a better camera then the cellphones so the pictures did not turn out as great but it was one awesome experience.

Here, sharks to the right. Hundreds of them.



And this was edited with Instagram:

Blue skies…

Ridin’ the Skydive Aircraft

Drop and give me 50 event at K2IS Everglades Airport Clewiston Florida 2/2/2013

My running people (Florida Ultra Runners) put this awesome event together. Skydiving and than running 50 miles. Was a beautiful morning. I decided not to jump because I did not want to go through the refresher course and I certainly did not want to jump a tandem.


But I paid for a ride in the skydiving aircraft.


The ride was amazing. The first load went up to 15,000ft and after dropping the 4 tandem skydivers we dove into the air and descended about 4,000ft/min. At this time I was not very sure how to react and the few seconds of 0G just blew my mind. I was more prepared for the second load.


First day of the year of 2013

I have not been flying alone in the last one month. I always had an instructor or an other pilot sitting next to me But I really wanted to fly today because my friend Charlie always says “whatever you do at the first day of the year you will do that throughout the year” so I just wanted to make sure I will log a few landings today. I had the airplane from 4pm-6pm. First of all I could not find the fuel sump, than I could not unscrew the oil cap and finally the primer was unlocked, pulled out all the way and I just could not push it back. I called the aircraft owner who happened to be at the airport, what BTW was empty!
He came unscrewed the oil cap and I added a quarter of oil. He managed to push back the primer and locked it too. And finally I found the fuel sump under the seat.

From here everything went fine until I was told I have to take off from Runway 13, what I never did before. I was told by ground to taxi via Echo, Bravo, Alpha to RW 13, but when I got to Bravo, I turned right instead of left and ground called me to pay attention I got nervous and I called to ask for progressive taxiing. By the time I got to the Runway I was so nervous I just decided to taxi back to the FBO. I got out and gabbed some water and a coffee and I just decided to cancel the flight today.