Found a New Hungarian Pilot Friend

I went the other day to my accountant and run into an other Hungarian guy. He had a big pile of papers and I had to wait for my accountant and I was late. Than of course I got all my taxes done and forgot about the guy until I answered something on a Hungarian musician’s FB post. And suddenly this guy messaged me that doesn’t he know me from the accountant? As I saw his profile picture I saw an aviation headset on him so I asked him back if he is a pilot, and he messaged me that he is in Hungary, but he is not so much in the US since he had difficulties with communication. We messaged back and forth and I offered him to take him for a flight and I can help him with comm and we can share cost. Did not take long to rent the N89540 and go for a flight.
Zsofia and Szilvester

We departed FXE and went to PMP to do a few TnG. He did very nice landings but yes he does need practice with communication. After departing pmp we flew north at the shore up to Boca than we turned back south transisioned through PMP and landed back at FXE. We logged 1hr.
He seems like a great pilot, he does have a license for Helicopter as well, I hope I will have a chance to fly a Heli with him one day.
We agreed on a schedule to go twice a week flying for the next 6 weeks until he has to go back home. That will give me a lot of practice and hours, I am very excited about it.  Hoping to use the foggles and add some IFR hrs into my logbook, while he communicates.

This was a great afternoon, more to follow…

Blue skies

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