Commercial Flight To Clearwater

Was on an Estimate for my work when Dennis called that there is a commercial flight to Clearwater in 30 min. I said yes, and I rushed home, changed to my pilot uniform grabbed my pilot bag and rushed out to the airport (FXE). The airplane was already running, just waiting for me. I hopped in and started to taxi, called ground and tool off from the closest runway (13). I did the takeoff but I am still nervous and it is so much involved with the engines and communication, Dennis was still handling at least 1/2 of the work. We just needed to go over to Boca Raton (BCT) to pick up our client. we were late but fortunately our client was late as well. We ended up waiting for her. That was good it gave me time of calm down and think things through. This was second time this week to fly the Seneca and third time to be in the air.
Made friends with a guy, Jeff who just finished restoring his Focke Wulf, he was test flying it. We exchanged tel numbers and I got a promised ride in that beautiful airplane.
By than our client arrived and we grabbed her stuff, loaded the airplane and soon we had the engines running.
Weird that we do not need a key, just push the ignition button add full mixture and the engine is running, one at the time. I am getting my routine in this. Taxi out and Dennis let me take off. Taking off with a passenger is adding some extra stress to the whole learning experience.

He was doing the communication and I was flying. I admit I have visual problems as far as the clouds go. I only see them in 2 dimensions not in three. Balazs said I will get used to it, what I really hope because right now for me there are no gaps, just one curtain like clouds with different shapes and colors.

We had to navigate around the clouds what was kinda fun and surprised us the distance from Tampa to Clearwater. The runway was short and it was a very nice little uncontrolled airport. While Dennis was landing I did the communication including the taxi-back on the runway since taxi-ways were under construction.

We dropped off our passenger, and soon we were back in the air. The flight home was uneventful.  I was flying under the hood trying to keep headings Dennis was giving to me. I shoot my first ILS approach and tried to land the Seneca – I have to admit, it was extremely hard and difficult but I enjoyed the challenge. Can’t wait for some more.

Blue skies…

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