4 new pilot friends and a flight to Venice, FL

Went to a 5k race on Thursday (July 4th)  and when I got home I didn’t feel making a coffee jumped on my brad new bike and pedaled over to Starbucks. While I was waiting for my grande Cappuccino, a guy came over to warn me that his bike was stolen from the exact same spot, and advised to keep an eye on mine. Than he saw my little airplane on my neck and he asked me if I was a pilot. I said yes,  than he invited me to his table he was sitting with 3 other pilots.

Isn’t the word so small? There was Larry and Scott – the AA pilot, both part of the Civil Air Patrol and knows Balazs well, than an other Scott who is also flies for AA and Rodney, the guy who actually invited me. We sat and chit-chatted for over 2 hours and I missed my meet-up with my girlfriend but it is always such a pleasure to airplane talk with other pilots!
I agreed that I will come and have coffee with them on Saturday again.
On Saturday I went and got a coffee and agreed to fly a little in the afternoon with Scott.

From Starbucks I went to Pompano. It was the monthly American Flyers Barbecue. My favorite presenter, Jason talked about thunderstorms and avoidance of them. Was great, Balazs was there and I quietly celebrated a 1 year anniversary of returning to flying. I retook the PP class a year ago and decided to go back and fly again, I have never had any idea my passion and love of flying will give me so many incredible opportunities and amazing adventures. That I will overcome fears and become so much better at something I truly love.

I asked Balazs too to come with me tomorrow to a little flight, it will be my big one year celebration flight. Yeah, I know a little silly, emotional and sentimental but it means so much to me.

After the meeting I went directly to the hangar. He took me with a Trinidad N341TB to Venice, FL.


He took off and as soon PMP gave us over to Miami he let me fly the plane. I loved it. At half way I took over most of the communications as well. The flight was a little bumpy, clouds were at about 5500ft, we stayed at 2000.

I taxied the plane we got out and went to this great restaurant. Their shuttle picked us up, and it was right on the water. I had salad and by the time we wanted to head back it was pouring.  So we sat around and waited out a little, than we went back to the airport. I helped refueling the airplane by the time we filled it up the rain stopped and we were ready to go.
The way back was just as turbulent as the way out but it doesn’t bother me. I hand flew this beauty back, around all the rain showers only turned on the auto pilot on for a few minutes while taking pictured of this double rainbow.

Scott set the standby radio on 121.5 and we picked up an ELT signal along the route. That was first time I heard anything like that, I did not even know where that was coming from. I hope everyone is safe, wherever that was coming from. We reported it to ATC, I do not know what happened after that.

What did I learn?
1. Landing checklist should always include turn on landing and taxi lights.
2. While switching transponder from VFR (1200) to flight following squawk code, set transponder to standby because radar at center will get all kinds of codes by the time I find my own code.


We got back at around 7pm and Scott had to run , I stayed a little bit around the airport than I went home, I reserved the C152 for tomorrow. I am so excited because it’s been a few months I flew with Balazs, I always learn so much from him. I just get so nervous when flying with him under the blue skies…

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