One Year Anniversary Flight

One year ago I met this guy…

After my accident I did not fly for a year and a half. When I broke up with my ex boyfriend  I decided to go back flying. I had no directions, contacts, friends or ideas what and how to do it, I just new I want to fly again. I decided to go and retake at the American Flyers the Private Pilot 3 day course to refresh memories dust off knowledge.
And there he was…
On that weekend I met a pilot, who helped me to relearn to fly airplanes, pushed me through fear and gave me plenty of his time to instruct me. Introduced me to the plane rental company to get access to cheap planes and to the CFII who is currently teaching me IFR in the Seneca.

I flew 50 hrs in the last 1 year, almost half of it in a twin. He even gave me his copilot seat twice in a Kingair when he was not available.
Thank you for my friend Balazs for helping me to become a better person and pilot.
Thanks for teaching me, “beating me up”, pushing me hard and making me want him to be proud of his student even when I was flying with someone else.
This meant more to me than he can ever imagine.

I love flying, airplanes, aviation and I am grateful for my best pilot friend forever.

As Steve Jobs says “you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you only can connect them looking backwards. But you have to trust in something…” And so it was, now looking back last year, I’d have probably never had the opportunity to learn how to fly a multi-engine airplane if I didn’t go to that course.

The flight was amazing, I did learn again something new and he was still busting my ass because of my hmmm…hmmm radio communication skills. He took over the controls and flew over the numbers at 1000 ft than pulled the power all back, flew a 360 and landed the airplane on the numbers. That was incredible.

Living a dream in Paradise. Blue skies…

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