Booked the plane in the morning and decided to go out for a few TnGs.

At the preflight I drained the fuel and this is what I found in the tank:IMG_3899


Drained it well, than called ATIS, Clearance and Ground before I even started the engine.
I flew over to PMP did 3 TnG. The blimp was landing and taking off, a heli was hovering at the end of the runway (15) when I departed back home, but everything went very well.

IMG_3900   IMG_3897
Back home at FXE, I choose to land at RW8 even though there was a x-wind and finally using ailerons I landed my little 152 safely. I wished Balazs had seen it.

It was a very short flight and I was surprised all this practice fit into 0.7hrs.

Had fun. Blue skies…

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