Nice Little Flight With Balazs and a Cool Video of Landing

We have been working crazy in the last few months, I have not been flying or not have been around the airport. I miss it so very much. Yesterday Balazs wanted to take some arial pictures of his work, and it was an absolutely gorgeous day here at the Sunshine State. Beautiful clear skies, little chilly for us, but just beautiful.
We took the C172 because all the C152’s were out or down for maitenance.
FXE was extremly busy, LAHSO operation on 31 and 26 and we waited in line to take off at least 15min. He was PIC did a T&G at FXE than we went take some pictures of his project and did a T&G at PMP than we returned to FXE. I tool this video at final landing.


Blue Skies.

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